Red Butte Pain Solutions: Kyphoplasty Guide

Living in the Greater Phoenix area and need a solution for vertebral compression fractures? Red Butte Pain Solutions offers kyphoplasty, a cutting-edge procedure. This minimally invasive treatment alleviates pain and restores mobility by repairing fractures often caused by osteoporosis or cancer.

kyphoplasty step-by-step

Kyphoplasty involves inserting a balloon into the affected vertebra. The balloon is inflated to create space, then filled with a special cement. This stabilizes the fracture and aims to return the spine to its original shape. Kyphoplasty can be particularly beneficial for those who have undergone radiation therapy for spinal tumors, as it addresses the weakened bones that are more prone to fractures.

Studies show that kyphoplasty has a high success rate in treating acute compression fractures. Patients often experience relief almost immediately after the procedure. About 90% of patients report overall success and satisfaction with the results.

Kyphoplasty After Radiation Therapy

Kyphoplasty can be a valuable option for patients who have received radiation therapy for spinal tumors. Radiation therapy can weaken the bone, making it more susceptible to fractures. Kyphoplasty can help address these fractures and provide relief.

Studies have shown that vertebral compression fractures can occur in a significant percentage of patients who have undergone radiation therapy for spinal tumors. These fractures can lead to pain, decreased mobility, and other complications.

Kyphoplasty Coupled with Tumor Ablation

In cases where additional radiation therapy to the spine is not feasible, kyphoplasty can be combined with tumor ablation. Tumor ablation techniques, such as Osteocool, can target and destroy tumor tissue without the need for additional radiation. By combining kyphoplasty with tumor ablation, patients can achieve pain relief and stabilization while avoiding further radiation exposure.

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