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Cancer Pain

Overview of Cancer Pain

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Treating Cancer Pain

Red Butte Pain Solutions: Your Partner in Cancer Pain Management

At Red Butte Pain Solutions, we understand that cancer pain can be a complex issue. It may be related to the disease itself or a side effect of your treatment. We’re here to help residents of Chandler, Sun Lakes, Tempe, Gilbert, Maricopa, Casa Grande, Ahwatukee, Phoenix, and Mesa, Arizona understand and manage this pain.

Causes of Cancer Pain

Related Topics:

Treating Cancer Pain

Understanding Your Pain

The first step in managing your pain is understanding it. Our team of expert physicians will conduct a thorough medical history and physical exam. We review all available diagnostic imaging and labs, such as x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, to fully understand your disease and identify the cause of your pain.

Causes of Cancer Pain

Cancer pain can be caused by the disease damaging your body or organs directly, or by cancer blocking critical parts of your intestines, lymph nodes, or blood vessels. Pain can also result from the treatments used to eliminate your cancer, such as surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or radiation. In some cases, reduced physical activity during or after treatment may lead to muscle pains and aches.  For all these causes, there are measures that can be taken to address the cause of the pain and make your pain manageable.

Red Butte Pain Solutions: Your Partner in Cancer Pain Management in Arizona

At Red Butte Pain Solutions, our primary goal is to improve your Quality of Life, regardless of the stage of your cancer. Adequate treatment of your pain is often critical to ensuring the best possible outcomes from your cancer treatment.

Personalized Cancer Pain Treatment

We tailor your cancer pain treatment to you, based on your type of cancer, the stage of your disease, your response to past pain treatments, and your personal preferences. By customizing your treatment, we can ensure that your cancer pain management is as safe and effective as possible.

Progress in Cancer Pain Management

Our understanding of cancer and pain has significantly progressed, leading to more effective ways of treating your pain. Your cancer pain treatment may involve several different approaches to optimize your care. These may include medications, physical therapy, radiation therapy, surgery, or minimally invasive treatments to destroy painful tumors or nerves without extensive surgery.

If you’re seeking cancer pain treatment in Chandler, Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Tempe, Sun Lakes, Gilbert, Maricopa, Casa Grande, Laveen, or Mesa, Arizona, reach out to Red Butte Pain Solutions. We’re here to help you manage your pain and improve your quality of life.